you got the job, now what?

20071203questionmark_2 A client of mine recently made a great career move.  She was looking to "get promoted", move closer to family who resided in a different state and find a position that was in her industry but brought her greater joy and satisfaction.  I’m happy to report that she achieved all of her objectives.  Bravo!! My challenge to her now is – what’s next?  I asked her if she was going to continue to manage her career or if she was now going to let her career manage her.  I find that many of us do a great job of managing our career when we’re in a job hunt.  We step back, evaluate our options, identify the "dream path" and create and implement a plan of action.  Then we get the job and we become the victims of a laisez-faire attitude. 

For goodness sake Valerie, I just got the job.  Can’t I chill for a minute?  Sorry, no can do.  Why?  Because your future at the company (and possibly your career) can be made or broken in those first 90 days.  If you think it’s a time to relax and smell the roses, think again or you’ll be dead in the water before you even begin.  This applies whether you are a line associate or a leader.  Don’t waste valuable time.  Be a sponge.  Learn as much as you can.  Visit as many people and departments as possible.  Begin to assess how you might serve the organization beyond your job description.  Begin to generate allies.  Not only will you be on a path to success but in so doing, you create greater options both within and outside the organization.  Make yourself invaluable and not only will you have successful tenure, you’ll have a lot more opportunity and a lot more fun. 

YES, you can!

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