when life gives you lemons…

Lemonface Whoa!  I am still in shock and shaking my head from a conversation I had this morning.  It happened to be with an old client that I hadn’t spoken with in a while (at least a year) and I quickly found out why:

My ex-client has been living in a parallel universe……… as bad-luck-schleprock.

I know it sounds as if I’m making light of someone else’s misery but my ex-client (I’ll call her “Mary”, not of course her real name) would be the first to laugh at the analogy.  I won’t go into the details but imagine PigPen (in the dirt cloud) from Charlie Brown.  According to “Mary”, her family has been plagued by one bad thing after another after another after another. In fact, her family has been plagued by so many perceived negative events that we almost had to laugh —almost.

The thing about life is that, unfortunately, bad things do happen.  If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction, then it makes sense that some people “attract” a greater number of negative events than others – we just call it bad luck, energy, etc.

The truth is that when bad things do happen, what matters is not just HOW we move through it but THAT we move through it.  What do I mean?  When a negative event occurs, sometimes we own it as if we have control over it and what ends up happening is that the event begins to control us…

Now imagine that something else occurs that “kicks you while you’re down”.  Now, you’re even deeper in the hole.  You may begin to think, why me?  Why do these things always happen to me?  When is this going to end?  or, in Mary’s case, “When is life going to begin to feel normal again?”

The fact of the matter is that navigating any event – good or bad – is all a matter of perspective.  When we focus on the bad and attempt to tightly control things, our energy becomes drained,  shifts our positive lens and takes the joy from the many good things that are occuring around you even during the crisis.

So when life gives you lemons, it’s ok to take a little time to suck on them but don’t get stuck puckering.  Decide how much time you will wallow.  Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, create a BIG shift and make some lemonade!

Trust me, it tastes a whole lot better and you can even share THAT with your friends!

Continue to be great!

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