break the “trying” rut

Commitment What do Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump,Steve Jobs, Ghandhi, Madonna,  Mark Zuckerburg, Tony Robbins and Valerie Pendergrass all have in common?  Hint: I am not a multi-millionaire—-yet….

Many things may come to mind……..

  • Most are well known.
  • Most are mega millionaires.
  • Most are considered leaders in their field.
  • You may even say some of them were lucky.

I submit to you that while many of the above statements may apply to most of the names above, we know their names because of two things: commitment and focus.

Regardless of what your goal, the difference between “arriving” and “trying” all boils down to your degree of commitment and focus.

Trying is just a noisy way of not doing something.  I learned from author and consultant Art Turock that we need to make a distinction between being interested and being committed.  When you are “interested” in doing something, you only do it when it’s convenient, but when you are “committed”, you follow through no matter what – no excuses!  Many people are interested rather than committed.  They talk about trying to do something rather than actually doing it.  They make a lot of noise, but fail to follow up.

When a person is committed to doing something he or she will find ways to suppress rationalization.  Even when it is inconvenient, such a person will  keep his or her commitment.  Persistence in life is characterized by this mental and behavioral toughness. -By Ken Blanchard from his book, “The Heart of a Leader”

Continue to be great!

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