what are you grateful for?

Images1_2 The eyes of my eyes are opened.  -E.E. Cummings

Yesterday evening as I ready for bed, I grabbed my journal excited about what I was grateful for because yesterday was truly an abundant gratitude day.  This morning I went for my regular mammogram (a brief plug – ladies if you are "of age" and are not getting this done regularly, I implore you to call your doctors office TODAY and take action on this!).  It was early – about 7:00am and there were two people checking me in at the imaging center.  One was an older, outgoing, rather friendly gentleman dressed dapperly in suspenders and wearing more rings on his fingers than men typically do but he was clearly a people person and was constantly engaged with his desk mate (who was probably 1/3rd his age).  As it turns out, Dan was the one that escorted me back to the waiting area all the while constantly attempting to keep me engaged with drabble about his watch battery not working and where the best place in town is to have such a thing fixed.  At some point in my history, this would have annoyed me (especially given the time of day) but at some point, I realized that I smiled.  I smiled because I realized his mission.  I had the privilege of being there for a routine exam but many of his "clients" do not.  They are there getting rechecked, triple checked and quadruple checked to either confirm some anomaly or ensure there is none.  These people are experiencing a mixture of hope that nothing is there, and fear that something is. I realized that his role is not only to process us but to make us feel better. To help us escape our fear if only during that brief walk down the hallway.  And I smiled.  I smiled in gratitude of this angel. Put here to help me feel better.  And I found myself wondering how many times he might have that same conversation today and how many people will feel that much better because of it.  Dan will most definitely be on my list tonight. 

What are YOU grateful for?

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