wealth in cemeteries

Rip I know it’s a strange title but bear with me…  Today I heard someone tell a story about how wealthy cemeteries are and probably, like you, my first thought was, "Whaaaat?"  I thought I was about to hear a diatribe on the economics of funeral homes and cemeteries.  Instead, what came next was this:

Cemeteries are some of the wealthiest places on the planet because they hold an amazing wealth of unfulfilled goals, dreams and visions.

I don’t know about you, but I actually had to step back for a moment at the power of that statement.  They hold a amazing wealth of unfulfilled goals, dreams and visions.  How many people pass through this world wishing, hoping and wanting to make a difference and yet never do?  Most have a good story – lack of money, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, lack of support or just plain lack of courage or confidence.  So, they go to their grave with dreams and aspirations that could have truly made a difference to hundreds or thousands of people and yet, it never happened.   What choice will you make?  At the end of your days, will the world be wealthier because you were in it or just the cemetery?

YES, you can!

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