tiger woods: a lesson in intention

Tigerwoods As a begin this post,  I’m going to offer a disclaimer and ask for some poetic leeway to tell a golf story.  My husband is an avid golfer and as such we watch a ton of golf but admittedly, I’m not always as focused in as my husband. Nonetheless I thought this was a great story to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago, we were watching a tournament in which a rookie, just coming out of qualifying school (Q school) made the cut for his first tournament five minutes before the tourney began.  Can you imagine?  Here’s a young man with a dream of playing on the pro tour.  He goes through the rigors of Q school, does well and then, at the very last minute, finds out he gets to play in his first pro tournament.  WOW!  What an opportunity!   

The fairy tale continues..on Friday of the tourney, the kid does GREAT.  He ends up second on the leader board and lands himself in the final group with Tiger for play on Saturday.  Cinderella story, right?  Well, as you would expect, as the day wears on the kids game starts to fall apart but he maintained a great attitude and was just excited to be there playing alongside the legendary Tiger Woods.  No one can blame him right?  I mean, after all, he was playing with Tiger Woods

As I watched this story unfold though, it suddenly hit me that one of the traits that has propelled Tiger to greatness is INTENTION. Tiger Woods always plays to win.  Every time Tiger hits the golf course, he intends to win.  He was a rookie once.  Like this young man, he too had many "first times" where he found himself playing with a legend but his demeanor – his intention was always about winning.  I couldn’t help but wonder how that young man might have played if he weren’t intimidated.  I wonder what his result might have been If he had really intended to win, not just play?

How often in our lives, do we short change our ability?  Clearly the young man in this story is capable but he never believed he could win.  He never intended to win. No one else had an expectation that he could win.  No one thought badly of him as he fell by the wayside.  After all, he was a rookie, right?   

Success begins with an intention to be successful.  Once you set your intention, you’ll be surprised at how the universe moves to support you.  If you’re interested, check out The Power of Intention written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

"Intention is a force in the universe, and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force." 

YES, you can!


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