Thoughts on Network Marketing (also known as MLM)

MLM The other day I received a call from a gentleman I’m connected with through Facebook.  We have never met but have mutual friends and mutual interest – namely personal growth and human potential.  When I received his message, he spoke of a project he was working on which turned out to be something with a direct marketing company…

Now let me say that I have nothing against multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.  In fact, I think they epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit.  The “little guy” that wants to own a business and yet doesn’t have the resources or knowledge to begin their own business.  With MLM, they (hopefully) can find a product to get excited about, sell and have fun in the process.


..that isn’t usually the case.

Here’s what I usually see:

Phase 1 – The dream is alive!  LOTS of excitement and enthusiasm. I hear – This is IT!  I’ll be able to quit my job in 6 months to a year!!

Phase 2 – The reality.  I hear -You mean I actually have to SPEAK to people about this product?  I thought you were going to hold my hand and sell FOR me?  I can’t speak to ______ (Billy, Bob, Susie – pick one).  They’ll think I’m crazy.

Phase 3 – Quitting.  I hear – MLM’s don’t work.  “They” just suck you in to get your money.  The guys at the top make all the money and unless you get in REALLY early, you can’t make anything.

These are usually the phases but this doesn’t have to be your reality.  Tomorrow I’ll post some tips on how to select an MLM that gives you a better chance of success.

You were born to be great!

YES, you can!

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