The ROI – Exceptional Leaders

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Engaged. Committed. Confident. Driving results from Day ONE.

There is nothing so useless as doing effectively that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker

The ROI for the organization is that new managers don’t waste time.  They are contributing in their new role immediately.  This program reduces turn-over costs, sets a foundation based on proven management techniques and your company principles , establishes a true pipeline for identifying future  leaders and provides a baseline that allows you to measure your managers progress and growth.

Just some of the things new managers will learn and practice:

  • making the transition from individual contributor to team leader
  • shift in focus from narrow to global
  • learning how to get the best from each contributor while creating a team personality
  • learning to inspire and motivate
  • learning administrative requirements
  • setting goals for team and self in new role
  • adapting to getting things done through others
  • defining their voice as a manager and future Leader
  • balancing time amongst new responsibilities
  • learning how to measure “success” in the new role
  • learning effective collaborative techniques across the organization
  • comfort in not “knowing it all”
  • Successful companies have leaders at every level  contributing to their organizations growth and Leadership on Speed is committed to supporting your organization avoid the “World of Mediocrity” by  turning your new managers into effective contributors from Day 1 in their new role and excited, engaged and Exceptional future Leaders!