The Solution

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Engaged. Committed. Confident. Driving results from Day ONE.

There is nothing so useless as doing effectively that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker

Your managers are your future Leaders.  Why not set the bar high and set the correct standard from the very first day in their new role?  Allow Leadership on Speed to partner with you to provide the tools and process that allows them to be effective and successful from Day One.

At Leadership on Speed we recommend a totally different approach to training first time managers.

We consider Executive Coaching a proactive tool to create leaders rather than a reactive tool that simply corrects managers.  Think about your team and answer the following questions –

How many of your current managers…

  • ….were exceptional employees but seem to struggle as managers?
  • …. if asked would say they think they made a mistake moving into management.
  • … would you say are effective but not “Exceptional” leaders?
  • … would you recommend for executive coaching correction?
  • ….do you think will make strong future Leaders?
  • ….are truly committed to the long term success of the organization?
  • ….would you say actually enjoy their work?
  • … would you replace today if you could?

What would it be worth to you to identify, train and grow “Leaders” at the beginning of their management career rather than in the middle or at the end?

Technical skill does not automatically translate to management prowess or define one’s ability to manage or lead effectively. Statistics tell us that as much as 50% of first time managers fail within ONE year so Leadership on Speed has developed a program for “first time managers” designed to keep your organization out of the “World of Perpetual Mediocrity”.

We partner with organizations when they promote first time managers to give them the tools and support to be effective from day one, instead of allowing them to fumble for a year (or longer) while they “figure out” what they really need to get done.