leading with vision

Defaultcamfdrol_2 Two years ago, I had never heard of Senator Barack Obama.  Six months ago, I thought he was refreshing but wasn’t sure he could overcome Hilary.  Today, as he steamrolls toward the Democratic nomination, I am enthralled by his ability to bring people together. Senator Obama understands something that many politicians don’t get or can’t effectively do.  He gets that in order to affect large scale change, one needs a vision that can unite others and the ability to enroll others in that vision.  Many politicians want change.  Many politicians promise change.  What most politicians (and many other leaders) lack is a unitable VISION that provides a foundation for change.  When Obama speaks, he invites the listener into a new possibility.  You can see it, touch it, feel it.  You want to be a part of it.  He is enrolling

In his speech last evening, he spoke of hope – not as the bastion of naivete but rather as a beacon.  He spoke of hope, not as the residency of blind optimism but rather as a guide.  Hope is a lost commodity.  Our apathy and negativism often overtakes hope but dreams are built on hope.  Vision is based on hope.  Without hope, mankind cannot progress. 

How often have you shared a dream, a vision, an idea with someone only to have it dashed out by all of the reasons it cannot be done?  Take heart today.  Regain hope today and know that hope is not for the faint of heart but rather for the strong and powerful.  It is not only for politicians and world leaders.  It is also for you.  You can create whatever it is you choose in your career and your life.   

YES, you can!

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