so you think you want to be an entrepreneur? Tip#1


I find that many entrepreneurs approach their entrepreneurial quest much the same as they did their career – with a "Show Me The Money" mindset.  And while most people desire to generate a decent living for themselves and/or their family, following the money trail to the exclusion of all other criteria may ultimately be the bane of one’s existence (or at least their business).  Here’s why – if you have always had a "job" – good, bad or indifferent – there were lots of things that were probably handled for you…sales, marketing, lead generation etc.  When you are your own boss (and especially for most start-ups) most (if not all) of those roles are guess who’s responsibility? That’s right! Numero uno – uh…that would be YOU.  If some aspect of your venture isn’t feeding your spirit because you are at least engaged in something that brings you joy and personal satisfaction, all of the other hats you wear may quickly burn you out.  THEN, the very thing that once brought you great joy becomes a tremendous burden and instead of understanding that you created the problem by not understanding the scope of being a sole proprietor, you decide that maybe you didn’t really enjoy "that thing" (whatever it was) as much as you thought.  Let’s face it – starting a company takes courage, commitment, planning, vision and just plain hard-work so you might as well be doing something you enjoy in order to take the sting off the bad days!!  By the way, did I mention that if you follow your passion, the money usually follows?  A venture that is passion-filled AND well planned usually results in fun for you (what a concept!) AND profit! If you’re looking for some resources you might consider taking an assessment such as the Myers-Briggs Type indicator which is available at many community college career outreach centers and if you are even thinking about starting a company, I highly recommend "The E-Myth Revisit" by Michael Gerber.  I would love to hear what you think after you’ve read it! 

To your success!


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