so you think you want to be an entrepreneur? Tip#4


Ist1_1573315_i_belong_in_piece_of_2Don’t confuse going solo with going it alone!  Even as a start-up you’ll need a good bookkeeper, graphic artist (business cards, literature, web design etc) and maybe even a copywriter for support on sales and marketing materials depending on your comfort level.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to put a mentor at the top of the list.  Find someone who has already walked a mile in the moccasins you’re choosing so you can learn from someone else’s mistakes.  Don’t waste valuable time, money and resources reinventing a wheel that someone else has already developed (and developed well).  Even if they aren’t in your industry, an experienced business owner has lots of valuable insight and information.  Invite them to partner with you. 

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