silence is not always golden

Speak-Up One of the core challenges many people often have in the business environment involves the simple act of knowing when to use their voice – of knowing when to  speak up in order to make a difference in their space.  

How often have you been in a meeting discussing a business situation and a thought crossed your mind which sat on your tongue?  In the span of mere seconds, you surveyed the participants, heard your idea spoken, evaluated the perception (Is it the "right" idea? Will it sound "smart"?  Will this make me sound competent or inept?  Will it sound too rudimentary?) and after internally evaluating all of the possible outcomes, you decided against speaking.

Invariably, minutes later, someone else shares the same thought you had on your mind and they are praised for their great insight and contribution.

You, meanwhile, are mentally kicking yourself….

So how do you decide when the time is right?

In a recent Conversation Starter blog post, Nilofer Merchant over at HBR identified three critical times when speaking up is not only valuable, but necessary:

1.  When it will improve the results of the group

2.  When it gives others permission to speak their truth

3.  When the costs of silence are too high

I couldn't agree more.  For her full blog post, click here.

Continue to be great!



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