show me the money

Dollar_4 In the current economy where disposable dollars are being more closely guarded, businesses that are service oriented may see a slow down in business, especially where their "product" is viewed as a luxury.  As a coach however, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the conventional wisdom that a slow economy means that business "must" be bad.  Here’s why: Even in a slow economy, SOMEBODY has disposable income and SOMEBODY has disposable income that they will utilize in your industry.  The question becomes, will they spend those dollars with you?   As I have spoken of previously, do you have a purple cow product or delivery system and if you do, how do people know it exists?  Are you targeting your product to that small slice of the marketplace who would most welcome you?  If you want to open your doors by being "another alternative" to XYZ Mega Corporation, you will probably struggle to survive because XYZ already has it covered, BUT if you focus on that ONE slice of Mega Corps marketplace that they do a poor job servicing AND you have a great product, then competition becomes a less of an issue.  Better yet, address the market need of Mega Corps customers that aren’t being met AT ALL.  Create your expertise in that niche.  Be the go-to guy or gal in that field and you’ll have more clients than you know what to do with!

YES, you can!


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