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Job seeker You have just been laid off - possibly for the second or even third time.  You're tired of being h-e-r-e…starting over…wondering "why you" again and what to do next.

If you are in a contracting industry such as real estate, housing construction, auto manufacturing or finance, you may even be forced to reconsider what it is you want to do for a living. 

The bad news:  Losing a job can be devastating.

The good news: Finding a new career can be a really great opportunity to reinvent oneself and do work that brings even greater reward.

In order to truly reinvent your career requires a shift in thinking: The first thing you must understand is that to be truly happy, your career must serve your life.  Because of our schooling or getting "boxed in" to certain career choices over time, we lose sight of the fact that the point of working is to create a life you love living. 

Other principles for reinventing your career:

  • Have a passion for your new career.  Otherwise, you might find short-term security but it's only a matter of time before the job loses it's luster and you're once again bored, tired, frustrated and at-risk for lay-off number 2,3 or 4. 
  • Re-brand yourself. Who do you want to be and how do you want to show up?  What are your perceived strengths and weaknesses as seen by others around you?  What are you better at that anyone else?  Once you are clear on your personal brand you can create a resume that supports you finding the work, the job and the company that fits you perfectly. 
  • Be willing to stretch. Reinventing yourself means charting new territory and expanding your horizons.  This means not only stretching yourself beyond what is comfortable but "getting comfortable with the uncomfortable."  Sometimes, the only way out is through that discomfort so get excited about what's on the other side
  • Be willing to let go of your old identity.  In the North American culture, we're all used to "being" something.  Labels make us comfortable. I am wife, mom, daughter, sister, coach, author etc. If you gained "street cred" as a senior consultant at a well-known finance company, shifting to a "non-identity" may be a tough psychological transition while you're figuring out what's next but it's crucial to reinvention. 
  • Listen to yourself and let go of what others think.  When I left a lucrative position in Corporate America to pursue my passion for supporting others in the career space, some of my family members (especially the older set), thought I was crazy.  It meant leaving the security of "job" for entrepreneurial insecurity but even in the lean years, I awoke with a sense of freedom and joy that I had never experienced in the Corporate world.  Only you know what's in your spirit and only you can honor that.  Not everyone will agree with your choices and you must learn to be ok with it. 
  • Be willing to experiment and be flexible.  Career reinvention is a journey and you'll want to treat it as such.  you may start with one idea in mind but as you come across new information, give yourself permission to explore a new path.  The best results come when you're open to new ideas and possibilities.  You get to pick-up the pieces and parts that are most fun and exciting and leave the rest behind, creating something that is uniquely you!
  • Be willing to pursue new contacts.  As you begin to discover new possibilities, don't be afraid to reach out and make contacts in that area.  You'll be surprised at how gracious most people are with sharing their experience, insights, perspectives and insider tips.
  • Recognize and accept that on some level, you're starting over and that's ok.  You may no longer be the most experienced kid on the block but you get to experience the fun and excitement of learning in an environment and a space that you love.  Remember being a kid and getting exposed to a new sport or game that was fun?  You just wanted to play and the more you played and practiced, the better you got?  Welcome back to your childhood!

You were born to be great!

YES, you can!

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