Strategic Planning

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THE roadmap for clarity, consistency & alignment. Delivered in less than a day…

Planning provides the means to transform a river of good intentions into results, performance and a satisfied life.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires that organizations develop strategic plans in order to navigate and thrive. Everyone wants more and the stakeholders continue to grow – customers and clients, employees, partners, community, shareholders etc. Organizations are servants to many, while still being required to enhance profit performance. Additionally, information literally flows at the speed of light – phone, text, computer, instant messaging and social networking all compete to add to the complexity of life today.

This means that leaders are faced with a myriad of more and more choices on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. Choices that at one time seemed simple and clear can now be complex and overwhelming leading to greater hesitancy and lack of clear direction, clarity and focus.

Our One Page Strategic Plan allows leaders and associates a common platform from which to make decisions and guide direction on a daily basis.

When designed appropriately, your organization’s Strategic Plan cuts through the clutter. It becomes THE roadmap for providing clarity, consistency and organizational alignment.

If your organization has been through an unsuccessful Strategic Planning Process or you are concerned that implementation may be a problem, the following guidelines will help ensure that the plan is implemented:

  • When conducting the planning process, involve the people who will be responsible for implementing the plan
  • Ensure the plan is “stretchy” but realistic
  • Ensure the plan flows down to include an Action Plan detailed for ownership and due dates
  • In the overall planning document, specify who is doing what by when
  • Clearly set follow-up meetings to ensure action is occurring
  • Depending on needs, consider assigning Priorities to pairs of people
  • Set next meeting date while at current meeting. This ensures participants are clear about the organizations commitment to the process

This is just a small part of what we manage for you. Our clients find the Strategic Planning process one of the most valuable things they can do for their business and we enjoy the opportunity to support them to drive extraordinary results through this process. Download our brochure or contact our offices today to speak with one of our Strategic Planning Facilitators and determine if our One Page Strategic Planning Process is a fit for your next planning meeting or retreat.