Leadership for Individuals

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Leveling the playing field with game-changing leadership tools.

Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.  ~Christian D. Larson

The time has come to give your career the same competitive advantage currently enjoyed mainly by Senior Executives.

Does it ever seem to you that when individuals reach management levels, their careers seem to advance exponentially? That is because they often do.

What many careerists may not realize is that often organizations restrict certain types of leadership training and development programs for managers and/or other high potential employees. The very training that can get you to the next level is only available if you can make it there by other means…

Leadership on Speed™ One-by-One was founded specifically to bridge the gap and provide every associate with the opportunity to gain education that has previously been restricted to those at the highest levels of an organization. This is training that can accelerate your career beyond your wildest expectations.

In today’s rapidly changing workplace environment, it is no longer enough to simply be proficient with one’s job. It isn’t that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant but rather, they are mainly threshold competencies for higher level opportunities. The simple truth is that a leader must possess additional skills in order to be effective. Leadership on Speed™ One-by-One was designed to inspire and advance leadership in every person by inviting you into higher level skills and catapulting your career to an entirely new level.

Why are our programs so effective?
The problem with typical workshop learning is that it focuses only on one part of the brain – the neocortex, which governs analytical and technical ability. It is the part of the brain that figures out how to use a computer or make a sales call by reading a book. Imagine attending a conference in which you receive tons of great tools and information. But what happens post-conference? Studies tell us that 95% of learning goes away within three weeks! One explanation? In order for new behaviors to develop, learning must engage the limbic system which governs feelings, impulses and drives. The limbic system learns best through motivation, extended practice and feedback.

Our leadership programs were developed with this in mind. Leadership on Speed™ One-by-One consists of monthly learning modules and coaching sessions in the following format:

    1. Participant learns and gains deeper understanding of leadership concept
    2. Implements and practices new concepts
    3. Receives feedback on results
    4. Refines and continues to practice
    5. Gains further learning while building upon existing foundation

By utilizing this process, we engage both the neocortex and the limbic systems for unparalleled results. You will enhance your ability to stand out, make a difference and have an immediate impact in your environment.

Is Leadership on Speed™ One-by-One the right program for you?  Schedule your free, no obligation consult today!