pink slip blues

Pink slip As work-related stress, anger and frustration escalates, it's easy to go on a rampage when the pink slip comes – especially if it feels undeserved – but beware, the way you depart a company can have overreaching effects not only on your life but on your job search (and hence, your ability to even get a job).

Know that any job loss can be the emotional equivalent of a death, especially depending on how long (and how attached) you are to your current work environment.  We forget that work environments can become "familial" and when the proverbial pink slip comes, it isn't just the job that goes away…

If you have ever experienced the death of a friend or loved one, you may be familiar with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  These stages can also apply to significant life events such as a job loss.   

Of these five stages, the inability to navigate your anger surrounding your job loss can be one of your greatest saboteurs in moving forward, especially if you move forward too soon. Why?  Because anger is a powerful emotion that can invade every aspect of a job hunt from resume prep to the interview process.  It is certainly OK (indeed natural) to feel angry and possibly even betrayed by your company but it's important that you figure out how to make peace with your former employer and your situation.  Whenever I hear someone speaking vehemently ill of another, I wonder if they realize that the only one suffering from their tirade is them.  It's like taking a poison pill and waiting for the other person to die. 

On some level, you must trust that the Universe has a different purpose for you.  Only when you release the past, can you embrace your future with grace, excitement and gratitude.  Check out these helpful tips from Marshall Goldsmith on bouncing back from setbacks.

Who will be more successful in the job hunt?  The one who is angry and bitter or the one who is happy, light, flexible and confident?

Which one are you?

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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