if you don’t like it, don’t buy it

Boycott I have a pet peeve.

If you don't like the way someone does business, don't do business with them.

It sounds simple doesn't it?

I was listening to Clark Howard one day and a guest called in because the bank they did business with had begun to charge them $4.00 for an ATM transaction.

The caller was outraged!  Couldn't something be done?  Couldn't someone file a complaint with someone?

The funny thing is, Clarks response was the same as mine…

If you don't like the policy, don't do business with that bank!

We often complain about the way others operate or do business but we continue to do business with them and we continue to complain….

In a free society, the way we show our disapproval is to make choices that honor our integrity.  The market respnds to our actions…

How often do you complain about something without taking action to make it better?

Your voice makes a difference.

Your actions make a difference.

You can operate in integrity with your beliefs.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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