one of the most powerful movies i have seen in a long time

Secretariat photo With my schedule, I don't get to watch nearly as many movies as I would like (older or newer) but I recently had the chance to watch the movie Secretariat and I LOVED it.  It is only fair to tell you that I am a bit biased because 1. I LOVE horses and 2. I am a sucker for anything remotely inspirational but, in my opinion this movies still moves to the top of the list.  

Most biographical movies are not 100% accurate and Secretariat is no different but any movie that inspires me to spend hours pouring through material to learn the rest of the actual story should be an indicator of how much I enjoyed it and the more I learned the more fascinated I became..

I learned a lot of lessons from Mrs. Tweedy and her crew.  Here are just a few: 

1.  Only YOU know what you know

    Despite how others may discount you, YOU know what you know.  If you have the experience or expertise to make something happen (even if you are the only one who knows it), GO FOR IT.

2.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dream. 

    New journeys are frought with trepidation and uncertainty.  Often the only thing that sustains you is your vision of the outcome.  Believe in yourself.  You may not always be confident in the path but always stand firm in the destination.

3.  Dreams breed innovation and creativity.

    Don't be afraid to step out of the box to accomplish the seemingly impossible.  You may be the only person on the planet to do what you are about to do – and that's ok.

3.  Commitment. Commitment. Commitment.

   Did I say commitment?

4.  Surround yourself with the right team.

   It is not enough to have talented people around you (though that is important).  They must also be likeminded spirits and believe in the dream as passionately as you do.  There is no doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.  

5.  Commitment to a dream means sacrifice.

    Any journey worth taking involves sacrifice.  If you don't recognize that, I guarantee you that the people around you will.  

6.  Trust your intuition.

    This has always been a core belief of mine throughout my life and this movie only reaffirms that.  Women tend to call it "intuition".  Men may feel more comfortable "going with their gut" but however you couch it, use it.  The only times my intuition has EVER failed me was when I failed to trust IT.

7.  Speak your truth but let actions speak louder.

    It's one thing to speak up when the time is right but sometimes words can become bluster.  When that happens, it's time to be quiet and let the work speak for itself.  NO ONE ignores results.

8.  Know when to walk on the edge.

   No risk. No reward.  All of the great leaders of our day walked on the edge.  They walked on the edge because they believed in something so strongly that they could take no other action.  It was often not until the race had been run that history revealed their true greatness.

9.  Sometimes it takes a perfect storm.

   The question becomes: Are perfect storms acts of God or do you actually create the perfect storm by acting on influences in your environment?  I believe the latter.  Leaders see a need and make a choice to fill the gap.  They see events unfolding and recognize that they can make a difference where others see events unfolding and hope someone else will do something about it.

Is it time for your perfect storm?

Continue to be great! 

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