one size does not fit all

Eyeglasses One of my clients is a young female sales and marketing manager struggling to find her voice and her leadership style as a first time manager.  Often when she needs to have an uncomfortable conversation with an associate, she "makes up" a negative outcome based on how she might react or respond if things were reversed. 

She’s assuming that everyone has her lens (her view of the world).

She’s assuming that everyone interprets information the same way she would.

How often do we sabotage our efforts or spend unnecessary time worrying about something because we assume that "one lens fits all"?  What if you’re wrong about your lens?  What if what you’re making up is completely off base? 

It’s sort of like wearing prescription lenses and assuming that everyone else sees through your glasses exactly the same as you do!  Sounds ludicrous right?  If my eyes are 20/20 and I wear your glasses, things will be blurry!  What if you are nearsighted and I’m far-sighted? Or I have an astigmatism?   

Notice today if your lens is negatively affecting how you go about achieving your goals.  If your lens isn’t working, try on something that serves you.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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