the fierce urgency of now

5611_urgent_vs_important_perma Do you have a sense of urgency about fulfilling your vision and goals? 

In Barack Obama’s recent victory speech following wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Barack stated that when encouraged by some party members to delay his candidacy for President, his reply was no.  I’m paraphrasing here but the essence of his reply was that now was the time.  He feels he has a vision for this country and now is the time for him to pursue the manifestation of that vision.  In fact, he referenced having the fierce urgency of NOW – a great phrase taken from a 1967 speech by Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr.

Whether you are starting a business, running a business, leading an organization, deciding on a career change or in-process with any other goal in your life, do you have the fierce urgency of now?   What are you so passionate about that you want it fulfilled yesterday?

You were born to be great.   

Tomorrow is not promised. 

How will you live today? 

YES, you can!

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