New Manager Training

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Changing the paradigm that transitions managers to Leaders.

There is nothing so useless as doing effectively that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker


Over the past several years, we have been bombarded with headlines telling us that there is a real leadership readiness crisis at the front line:

  • “HR leaders rate their first-line managers as their ‘least ready’ workgroup, even less than their entry-level employees.”  – 2010 Bersin & Associates Report
  • “Companies say they are finding they don’t have the managers to spearhead new projects or step in for departing executives, a problem as companies try to shift into growth mode.”  -August 3, 2010 Wall Street Journal article
  • “Sixty percent of organizations are facing a shortage of readily available leadership skills.”  -2008 Aberdeen Group report

Each of these studies uncovers the challenges associated with the inability to identify and develop capable, first level leaders from an organizational perspective.

To further demonstrate the leadership development gap, consider these self-reported statistics based on feedback from over 1,000 frontline managers in a study conducted by DDIWorld:

  • Only 11% were groomed to be a leader by their organization
  • 57% learned their leadership skills through trial and error
  • Only 56% of new managers understand what it takes to succeed

All of these factors combined lead to just 40% of frontline managers being satisfied with their organization’s leadership development offering.

So regardless of whether one evaluates frontline manager performance from an organizational perspective or a managerial one, both sides concur that effective training for the newly promoted and/or frontline manager is lacking.

At Leadership on Speed we recommend a totally different approach to creating frontline managers who are not only contributing from the first day in their new role, but are also transforming themselves into excited, engaged and Exceptional future Leaders!