the fragility of life

The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.  ~Mark Twain

Natasharichardson Like many of us, I am deeply shocked and saddened at the death of Natasha Richardson.  I am sure there was a time in my life in which I would hear such news distantly and without affect but no more.  As a wife and mother, I think about the suddenness of the families loss and the callousness of a term such as "talk and die".  To be in the midst of your life one minute and gone the next – it is (or should be) a reminder to us all of the fragility of life….

At times like these, we tend to take stock of our own existence…of our own mortality and our legacy. I can only hope that I have made a difference with my life and my work and yet, I am reminded that I have much left to do and that tomorrow is not promised.  

Why Natasha? Why now?

To that I can only tell you of my own personal story with my brother whom I lost to lung cancer in 2004.  As he deteriorated and we came to be sure that his transition was imminent, I "happened" to be reading Neal Walsch's Conversations With God (as if I don't believe that everything has a divine purpose).  My brother was only 49 and the father of two beautiful children.  As I questioned my brothers fate and the timing of his premature death, I came upon this notion which shifted my thinking and brought me immense peace –

No person moves on until their work is done.

It is difficult to accept the end of a life before it's time but I know, just as I discovered with my brother, that Natasha's work was done and God has called her home. 

What about you?  What do you hope to accomplish in the time that you have left? Are you having fun? Do you have balance? What will your legacy be? 

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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