moving into action

Dream Congratulations!  By now you have spent some time thinking about what you want to create in 2009 and hopefully you didn't limit yourself regarding what that looked like.  You deserve to dream big and you deserve to live a big vision – together we'll discuss how you get there.

Taking poetic license from the NBA, this is the year you get to play big or go home.

That's what I'm holding you to.

Playing big doesn't necessarily mean becoming President of the US.  Playing big could mean getting a college degree.  It could mean changing careers.  It could mean getting out of the rat race and starting your own business (full- or part-time).  It could mean relocating for a dream position.  It means stepping into who you always knew you could be (which could also mean stepping beyond what others think you can accomplish).  By the way, don't worry about what others think.

This is your life.

Your next assignment:

Now that you have a vision, there are two things to consider:

1.  What are the actions that will move you in that direction?

2.  Who do you have to be to actually get there?

Today, I want to focus on the first question.  Next time we'll tackle the second.

So what are the big steps to create the life you want?  Here is where you really get to consider the tapestry of your vision.  Do you currently have all the resources you require?  If you have an entrepreneurial vision, do you have what you need to get the ball rolling?  Do you have the right team of people around you?  If you want to get some sizzle back in your career, what does the sizzle look like?  Does it mean taking on greater responsibility in your current environment?  Does it mean creating something completely fresh and new?  Does it mean getting promoted or moving into a different department?  What is your strategy to get there?  

The devil is in the details as the saying goes.  I'm not asking you to develop a 20-page action plan (necessarily) but you definitely want to approach your objectives from a strategic perspective.  One that allows you to continually move toward creating your desired reality with intentionality and consciousness.   To the extent that you work through the action plan up front, 2009 becomes all about just executing the plan. 

Planning is the thing that generates the best results and is where most of us spend the least amount of time.  Trust me when I say….

Just do it. (Is there a sports theme going on here?)

In the coming week, we'll take a look at who you get to be while creating this amazing vision.  Doing without being most often leaves us exactly where we began.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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