more moo from the purple cow

A few weeks back, I shared with you that one of the 10 books on my nightstand was Purple Cow by Seth Godin. I finally finished reading it last night and, as things usually go, it is Seth’s final paragraph that inspires todays post:

Purplecow Ask, "Why not?"  Almost everything you don’t do has no good reason for it.  Almost everything you don’t do is the result of fear or inertia or a historical lack of asking, "Why not?" (from Purple Cow)

It was a powerful way to close a book that is all about inspiring the reader to create something remarkable.  Why?  Because being remarkable often involves taking a risk and bringing something unique to the marketplace or bringing something old to the marketplace in a unique way.  By definition, this means that you’re delivering something in a way that people haven’t seen or experienced before and therefore, it is possible that your great idea won’t work.  If you stop before you implement however, you don’t give the purple cow a chance.  Instead of believing the hype about why something won’t work, ask yourself, "Why not?" and go for it anyway!  You’ll either find your purple cow or you’ll be clear about what doesn’t work which still puts you ahead of the game for the big moo!

YES, you can!

Some people see things as they are and say, Why?  I dream things that never were and say, Why not?     – Robert F. Kennedy

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