Hello Mr Gremlin. Thank you for sharing.

Bugsbunnygremlin We all have a voice in our head that speaks to us in certain situations.  That voice gives us confidence or instills us with fear.  It helps us to take action and it keeps us from taking action.

Meet your gremlin..

Your gremlin is the inner conversation or better yet, the inner critic that keeps you from doing something you really want to accomplish.  It is the voice that tells you you aren’t good enough, pretty/handsome enough, smart enough, credentialed enough etc.  It is the voice that tells you not to even try.

It is the thing that keeps you from starting the diet, making prospecting calls, starting your business, going for a promotion or going for anything else you want to accomplish.

Once you have identified your gremlin, the question becomes, how do you defeat it?  Well, awareness is a big step because once you know what is holding you back you can then make a choice to do something different.  You can make a choice to be more powerful than the dream-killer called the gremlin.

“Hello Mr. Gremlin.  Thank you for sharing but I’m not choosing you today.”

It doesn’t matter what your gremlin is.  It doesn’t require 15 years of psychotherapy for you to defeat it.  What it does require is that in each and every moment of your life, you make a choice to exercise your personal power and be more powerful than any inner conversation. 

Be more powerful than fear.

Be more powerful than doubt.

Be more powerful than your past.

Each day and each moment is a new opportunity to be the person you choose to be.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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