Make booking your services easier!

Onlinecalendar Pretty soon coaching clients will have the ability to book consults with me online…

Most of us have experience with on-line scheduling services especially in the lab arena, right?  You go to a website, enter some basic information and then view a calendar of available appointments.  It’s a great time saving tool for both the client and the office.

Now the same type of service is available to you (and me)……affordably.

There are a couple that I recommend:

Genbook has a free service but if you want credit card capture, calendar synchronization or want to create a customer database, you’ll have to pay $39.95/month.  For the extra fee, your customers can also book appointments up to a year in advance instead of the 6 weeks lead time with the free product.

The other is Appointment Plus.  There’s no free product so you’ll pay $39/month after a brief 15 day trial but it has some really robust features that Genbook lacks depending on what type of business you have and a pretty impressive client list.

Another nice thing about these on-line scheduling systems is that you can use them internally or externally.  Meaning that if you want to give the public the opportunity to book their own appointments, you can but if you have an assistant and need a centralized, on-line calendar, this fits the bill as well.  A potential/current client can phone your assistant, they can set-up the appointment and you can go on-line and check the calendar so you’re always in sync!

As usual, I’d love to get your feedback if you give one of them a try!

You were born to be great!

YES, you can!

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