clarity is power

Clarity_2 I was having a conversation with a single friend of mine the other day and he was sharing his challenges in finding that "special person".  We spoke about many things but one of the things we discussed was his clarity about who he was looking for. 

It occurred to me after speaking to him that the same thought process applies to how business owners identify and market to potential clients.

Clarity is required.

Have you ever had a client that you didn’t want and you wondered why the universe brought them to you?

Lack of clarity!

The more clear you are about who your ideal client is, the greater the possibility that is the client you will attract. 

So what are the qualities and characteristics of your perfect client?

Are they high or low energy?  Are they passive or assertive? Are they women? Men? What age are they? How much money do they make?

Build your list today.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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