living in tiger’s world

Tiger bay hill 2009 Most people who know me would tell you that I'm not the loudest kid in the crowd –

….except when it comes to sports.

And I can guarantee you that NO ONE whooped louder when Tiger sank that 16-footer on the 18th hole at Bay Hill earlier this year!  Loud – on my feet – the whole enchilada.

Does it GET any better than that?!?!

What I absolutely love about Tiger is his unwavering focus.  He takes absolute accountability and responsibility for everything in his world. 

And yes, there's a lesson in there for the rest of us….

Tiger never worries about what the competition is doing.  Tiger only focuses on playing his best golf.  That doesn't mean Tiger doesn't make mistakes – every tee shot doesn't end up in the middle of the green.  In fact, the past few days Tiger definitely spent his fair share of time in the rough and in bunkers. 

BUT, he doesn't spend time spinning on what didn't work.  He can worry about that later. In that moment, he's focused on the next best shot to achieve the objective – get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible.

It reminds me that in business and in life, one's best defense against the things we cannot control is to take charge of the things we can.  Like Tiger, once we're in a bunker it doesn't serve us to spend much time focused on how we got there (there will always be time to reflect later); for the moment, the most important goal is to just get out while keeping yourself in the game.

In your work environment, things such as poor coworkers, outdated equipment, and lack of resources are often outside of a your control. It doesn't matter how much influence you have, there will always be some circumstances you don't have the ability to control or affect.

What separates superior performance from average performance however, is that superior performers take those circumstances and make the best of them. They focus on what they can control and what they can improve. They learn to minimize time spent with poor coworkers by maximizing the amount of time they spend with great coworkers, find ways to use their outdated equipment effectively, and find more creative ways to deal with their lack of resources.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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