when you hear the dogs in the distance

Harrietttubman My husband and I have been watching the Democratic National Convention this week and, if you aren't aware, Hillary Clinton gave a rousing speech last night in order to support unity in the democratic party as, apparently, she's got some folks who just refuse to give up the ship…

I enjoyed the speech and felt it did its job but what inspired my blog for today was her reference to Harriett Tubman.  Admittedly, my husband follows politics in greater depth than I and he tells me this was one of the themes of Hillary's campaign.  Who knew?  But regardless, I wanted to share it with you in the context of work and career.

As you know, Harriett Tubman was the conductor of the Underground Railroad leading hundreds of slaves to freedom despite harrowing odds and great personal risk.  What struck me was the advice that Hillary says was given to Ms. Tubman in her quest to free others. The advice was simply this:

Keep going…

No matter what happens… keep going.

When you hear the dogs in the distance…. keep going.

When you see the lit torches nearby…. keep going.

When voices are calling out behind you in the dark….  keep going.

Now of course, Hillary was drawing the parallel to inspire the Democratic Party but that inspiration also applies to anything we choose to do, anything we choose to create, any dream we are striving to make happen…

Whether it's that "dream job" that you have worked so hard to build credentials for, starting your own business despite the pessimism around you or even changing careers mid-stream….


You were born to be great.

YES, you can.

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