jibberjobber for job seekers

I recently came across a great new tool for job seekers called JibberJobber. Jibberjobber  The tool was developed by a gentleman who unceremoniously lost his job and although well-qualified to "get a job" was struggling to find employment even while engaging in his search ten hours a day.  JibberJobber is a database management/networking tool on steroids.  Not only does it support keeping the job seeker organized, it also supports connecting you with your target companies, recruiters,  and other job seekers who might actually network you through to that position you’ve had your eye on…  Did I mention that it can also warehouse your job search related documents such as your resume and provide tools to help you hone your elevator pitch and works in concert with your other resources such as Linked In, Career Builder and Monster?  Now, having said all that, the tool is only as good as ones commitment to utilizing it but I am getting great feedback from my clients. CLICK HERE to check out JibberJobber (I’ve also listed it in "Links I Like").  After doing so, I would love to get your feedback as well.  Good job hunting!   

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