is perfection killing you?

I have a friend who started a home-based greeting card business a number of years ago.  She was employed so she began the business part-time.  We generally spoke a couple of times a year and each time I spoke with her I would ask her how her business was going.  Her replies often sounded something like this:

I’m still learning the software.Perfect_2

My business plan isn’t perfect.

My husband is converting the garage to an office so I have more space.

I need to buy a printer and the one I need costs too much money.

I’m waiting on my friend who works in IT to come in and do some things to my computer.

I’ve interviewed several graphic designers for my business card and I just can’t narrow it down.

Whew!  Now I absolutely love my friend and as her friend (not her coach), I had to tread lightly but I don’t mind telling you that this conversation went on for FOUR years (in fact, somewhere around year 2 she was laid off from her "job" and decided to commit 100% to her greeting card business).  Yet and still, there was always something else that had to be done so conditions could be "perfect" for her to generate her FIRST dollar.  Yes, her first dollar.  As far as I know, after four years of investing time, money, energy and additional resources, she still had not generated one dollar of income.

Is perfection killing you?

Contrary to what many of your friends may tell you, you don’t have to have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed before you go to market.  As a business owner, there will always be something else that needs to get tweaked, done or re-done so if you’re waiting for the stars to align and perfection to arrive, you’ll never hang your shingle!

Cover your basics and continue to work on things behind the scenes. 

For heaven’s sake, get going!

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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