inspired by a lifetime movie or just inspired?

Estess sisters Ninety-five percent of the time my husband and I agree on our television viewing.  We are both avid sports fans so when we do have an opportunity to watch television that is usually what you'll find (other than our daughters cartoons) but occasionally, I get a yen for a good Lifetime movie and they are definitely not on my husbands "desired viewing" list….(Guys, hang in there with me..)

I like them for the reason Lifetime produces them…they are "girl" movies for the most part about everyday women who have done some extraordinary things - sometimes by inspiration and often by desperation.

The other weekend I was watching a movie – Jenifer, about a young woman's (Jenifer Estess) diagnosis and fight against ALS (also called Lou Gehrig's disease).  It was not an easy movie to watch and I was often brought to tears (yes, I admit it) but there was a particular scene that inspires this post.

In reconciling with her diagnosis, Jenifer and her sisters begin Project ALS ( in order to raise awareness and funding for, to put it mildly, an incredibly cruel disease.  As they begin their effort, there comes a point in which Jenifer is asked to speak to an audience. 

Her response? "I'm going to be sick to my stomach.  I hate speaking.  I can't speak to those people."  Of course her family and friends give her support and courage and of course, she delivers an amazing and inspirational speech. 

Yes, I realize it's a movie.

Yes, I realize that script writers wrote the speech for impact.

But here's my point…

The scene was believable.  It was believable because this young woman's life was being cut short by a disease that has no cure and, at the time of her diagnosis, science was not even close.  It was not inconceivable to believe that her passion for wanting to not only live but to ensure that others would not have the same fate would create the space for the right words to come at the right time. 

Have you ever had that experience?  When you are so clear about your point or so passionate about your belief that the words just flow effortlessly?

Often, great speeches are born of authenticity and passion.

I began to think about each and every one of us.  Every person on this planet has a voice.  Most of us have something that we want other people to "get".  Most of us are passionate about something

And all too often,  we allow fear to get in the way of sharing that passion. 

The Lifetime movies remind me that many of us never use that voice until we experience a cataclysmic life event and that event is so powerful we can no longer keep quiet..

Now I understand that sometimes we don't find our voice until something happens but why is it necessary for someone to have cancer in order to live life to the fullest?  Why does it take a life altering event for us to get off our butt and make a difference for someone else?

Instead of letting your life be inspired by a Lifetime movie, why not just be inspired and inspiring?

You have a voice.

Find it.

Use it.

Be the difference that only you can be.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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