improve your website success – tip #3

Caricature Well it's "tip time", that time of the week where I give you my latest tip for improving copy and/or content on your website.  For some of you, these will seem pretty basic but believe me when I say that I have reviewed enough websites that didn't contain some of the basics (let alone the basics plus) that I was inspired to begin these tips!  That being said….


Now, I have had many discussions on whether or not this is a good idea (especially from those who are having conversations about their level of attractiveness).  Listen folks, the picture isn't about showing the world you are (or are not) a beauty queen/king.  The picture is so that people who visit your website have someone they can connect too. 

This is critical…especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. 

As a coach, 98% of the business I conduct with individuals is via the telephone.  The one place my clients can connect to face is on my website.

The "cons" that I have heard basically boil down to one thing:

The business owner believes that they will in some way be prejudiced in putting their picture on the site.

Here's the deal: 

As human beings, our interactions with one another are all about connection.  Either we connect with folks on some level or we don't.  If someone visits your site, feels you have great content, believes that what you offer is perfect, they're ready to buy, they see your picture and decide NOT to do business with you, I have just one question for you…

Do you really want that person as a client?

If you don't already have a picture on your website – get one up there! 

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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