living responsibly

This morning, as I’m listening to a conservative talk radio program, the political correspondent commented on the latest competitive antics by McCain and Romney in my home state of Florida.  The antics don’t much matter, what does is that the correspondent defended the political behavior by saying that was the way politics is.  According to him it’s a dirty, ugly business (even moreso than we outsiders know).  Translation – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen because it’s not going to change anytime soon. 

I would agree (even from my novice point of view) that politics is a nasty game and one in which many potentially great leaders have evaded the kitchen because they didn’t want to get burned. However, the time has come to say HOGWASH – If you can’t stand the heat, change the temperature (and I’m not just talking about politics)!  For far too long, mankind has operated unethically and/or dysfunctionally under the umbrella of "this is the way we do it-itis" or follow-the-leader even as we toss and turn at night with that uncomfortable feeling that something just isn’t quite right….. Responsibility01_3 

Here’s the deal – make whatever choices you make but don’t protect yourself behind the iron curtain of follow-the-leader or this-is-how-it’s-done or everybody-else-does-it etc..  Everyday we each have hundreds of choices to make – sometimes those choices have us operate out of integrity with who we choose to be and sometimes, we’re actually OK with that.  None of us are perfect.  However, using history as an excuse to act poorly now or in the future allows us to distance ourselves from personal responsibility.  All I’m saying is, sometimes we take the low road and we have to live with that – just be clear that the only person making that choice is you….

And the way, creating something different begins with you too.   

YES, you can!

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