if you aren’t in the mood, DO something

Tiredwoman_2 How often have you said (or heard others say), "I don’t feel like it."?  As human beings, we tend to be run by our emotions instead of our commitments.  Have you ever canceled a commitment because you didn’t feel like it? Didn’t work on a project you know you needed to complete or postponed something with your family because you didn’t feel like it?  You aren’t alone.  All of us have done it at one time or another.  Here’s one way to break old habits and re-train yourself to fulfill your commitments even when you aren’t in the mood:

The minute your feelings begin to take control, make the decision to be more powerful than your emotions and DO something.  Success results from applying consistent action to your goals despite other things that may be going on, including the days you don’t feel like it.

The funny thing is, it almost always feels better after we just get it done!  No wonder Nike has been so successful with the slogan JUST DO IT!

YES, you can!

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