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“I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” 

– Ralph nader


Leadership on SpeedTM for Organizations was designed to support organizations to not only survive, but to thrive regardless of the economic climate and other external market forces such as competition, industry and regulatory changes.  If it is one thing business leaders know, it is that change is inevitable.  Over time, all people and systems change requiring organizations to continually re-evaluate the way in which they do business.  Unfortunately, many organizations attempt to resolve these dynamic issues with static solutions, rarely resulting in the excellence they desire. 


Reinvigorating any organizational structure, process or result requires a change in people, not necessarily a change of people.


We work with executive and senior management teams, cross functional groups, departmental teams, sales teams and other groups to enhance their self-awareness, leadership clarity, communication and collaborative skills and behaviors, making the business run more effectively, efficiently and smoothly. 


Often times an entire group of leaders and managers need a comprehensive process that helps them to:

  • Learn a common language around leadership behaviors and competencies
  • Come together and learn what the behaviors “look like”
  • Practice the behaviors and implement them everyday
  • Align measurable behaviors with business strategies, demands and objectives
  • Link the behaviors with critical talent management pieces (recruiting, hiring, developing)
  • Hold themselves and others accountable to a new leadership model

Leadership on Speed LLC partners with a diverse group of companies from entrepreneurial ventures and mid-size companies to Fortune 100 companies to achieve the above in order to create lasting personal and professional behavior change that is actionable and results-oriented.


Leadership on Speed™ for Organizations has been proven to convert leadership development into business results.


We develop leaders who inspire people to perform at a higher level and thus create organizational productivity and excellence.  Our data driven approach to understanding leadership has led to an empirically derived, scientifically grounded model for developing leadership that can be categorized into six distinct pillars of transformative leadership.  Underlying these six pillars is a bedrock of personal capability and a vigilant focus on results.



What To Expect 

Be prepared to experience leaders and associates who:

  • operate at a higher level of accountability and responsibility
  • are more productive
  • foster open and effective communication with their contact sphere
  • manage in all directions
  • operate with greater self-awareness
  • set clear expectations
  • improve relationships
  • operate with greater confidence
  • more successful in gaining alignment surrounding key objectives

We do not believe in any one leadership model.  Rather, we believe that while there are certain leadership best practices, leadership requirements vary depending on the type of organization, where the company is in its lifecycle and the specific business pressures. 


Once the client team works through the initial leadership development process, the program is often cascaded further down through the organization so that all employees and associates understand what is required in order to enhance performance, make leadership a “real” behavior (as opposed to a concept) and transform the culture. Our organizational coaches will stay involved in a consultative role until your team adopts the new learnings and can demonstrate a more cohesive, productive and effective organizational dynamic.



The Process

Our process is designed to fit each organization’s unique needs; however, most of our engagements include the following phases:


1. Discovery

2. Information Gathering

3. Alignment and Goal Development

4. Coaching Implementation

5. Action Learnings and Facilitations

6. Measuring Results

7. Incorporate Internal Coach Model

8. Cascading Initiatives

9. Sustainability


Let our bottom-line influence yours. Whether your organization has 20 employees or 2,000, Leadership on SpeedTM for Organizations creates leaders who drive greater results regardless of industry.  Our work supports organizations to make leadership a reality, work through challenging times, enhance overall collaboration and inspires people throughout the organization to work more productively and effectively. The time has come and the solution has arrived to gain the edge you need in today’s competitive environment.  Contact us today to speak with an organizational consultant and begin your organization’s journey.


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