Coaching for Entry-Level Professionals

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Driving unprecedented success for our clients across the globe.

The crime which bankrupts man and nations is that of turning aside from one’s main purpose to serve a job here and there. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For a variety of reasons, less than 20% of college graduates will ever engage in work that utilizes their earned degree. This leaves recent college grads and young adults with the challenge of trying to discover work that matches their unique gifts, skills and talents with work environment that meets their personal and developmental needs. This is often a frustrating and disenchanting process.

There is no need to struggle through the “trial and error” career selection model!

Contact us today to take an assessment that guides you to the perfect career for you. Our assessment combined with our focused coaching approach gives you the tools you need to identify and develop a career success plan from the beginning. No need to go from job to job to job trying to figure out where you belong and wondering when your success will begin.

This coaching program is ideal for:

  • New college grads
  • Recent college grads with less than 5 (five) years of work experience
  • Young adults who are employed but feeling that their job and/or organization may not be the best fit
  • Young adults with “Job A.D.D”. In other words, you have already held numerous diverse jobs within a short time frame because although exciting for a while, the position ultimately turns out to be the wrong fit or feel