The 8-Step Coaching Process

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There is nothing so useless as doing effectively that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker

Step 1: Schedule a FREE Consultation

The coaching relationship begins with a FREE consultation which may be conducted either in-person or by phone. The purpose of the consult is to:

  • Provide the opportunity to explore whether coaching is a fit for one’s goals and lifestyle
  • Clarify the coaching role and allow the opportunity to answer and clarify questions and/or concerns surrounding coaching
  • Determine which coach will be best for you based on your needs, experience, style and pace

Step 2: Establish the Coaching Agreement

If both client and coach agree that the client’s needs can be met through the process, the coaching relationship will officially begin. Ongoing coaching can be conducted either in-person or by telephone. The initial call will focus on defining the scope of the relationship, gaining detailed understanding of key goals and objectives and setting preliminary direction.

Step 3: Conduct assessments

A variety of objective and subjective assessments are available to support the coaching process depending on the needs and circumstances of the individual. Assessments provide objective information which can enhance the individual’s self-awareness, provide a benchmark for creating coaching goals and actionable strategies, and offer a method for evaluating progress.

Step 4: Redefine goals and develop results-oriented action plan

Once the assessments are complete, coaching goals will be developed considering based on clients input, assessment results and feedback from relevant stakeholders, if applicable.

Step 5: Implement action plan

Having agreed upon a coaching schedule, client and coach will meet regularly either in person or by phone to discuss progress, opportunities, action items, behavioral shifts and next steps. In order to ensure progress, the coach has access to a variety of concepts, models and principles drawn from the behavioral sciences, management, business best practices, literature and the arts and humanities which they utilize to advance the clients career goals.

Step 6: Review progress

Plan achievement is monitored on a regular basis however, approximately half-way through the initial contract there will be a formal review that incorporates feedback from the client and any relevant stakeholders engaged in the process.

Step 7: End coaching engagement

At the end of the coaching agreement, another review takes place, once again incorporating any relevant stakeholders. Results are compared to the initial goals and objectives and feedback is collected on what has worked well, the progress made and a plan is developed for areas still needing improvement.

Step 8: Coaching Follow-up

After the formal coaching sessions have ended, continued and less frequent check-in coaching sessions are scheduled. This helps follow-up on the success that has been created and sustain the behavior change for the long haul.