dreamin’ about….winning the lottery

As I write this post, the Florida lottery is at $10 million. Dreaming_2  All things considered not one of the highest winnings we’ve had in recent months, but certainly not anything to sneeze at.  I often ask people what they would do if they won a lottery and oftentimes I hear them say that the first thing they would do is quit their job, take some time off, buy stuff and most likely do some traveling.  The next thing I ask is, "Then what?" More often than not, the question stumps people.  Then what?  How will you fill your days after you buy all the stuff, you travel until you’re bored and and you’re tired of having nothing to do but spend money and travel.  Then what?  What are you going to do that compels you to actually get out of bed every morning and well…keep living?  Think about it for a minute…you have no one to play with (other than possibly your spouse) because all your friends are at work and unless you plan to finance them for the rest of their lives, they can’t golf, take a month off to go on an adventure or even take a half day to chill out with you, so…. then what?  How is it that you will choose to give back to this world when you now have the opportunity to live life on your terms?  Would you start a non-profit?  Would you start a for-profit?  Would you donate more time to charity?  Would you find part- or full-time work that is more about filling your heart than your wallet?  Would you find more balance between work and play?  Take some time today to dream about what you would do if……  Then take a deep breathe and (as Nike would say).


Here’s the thing: Chances are you will never win the lottery but you CAN start a for-profit (or not-for-profit), you can find full- or part-time work that fills your heart and your wallet, you can donate more time to charity and you can create greater balance between work and play.  Begin with the end in mind. All it requires is that you be clear about your personal/professional vision and that you create a strategic plan to get there.  Why not live today as if you have already won the lottery?

YES, you can!

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