*NEW* Coaching Without Borders

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The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. -Charles Dubois


Rather than the traditional approach, think of COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS as “just-in-time” coaching but similar in model to a gym membership.  Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per month, you pay a small monthly fee of just $34.95 for access to the “gym” during open hours.  Members phone into a designated phone number with whatever it is they would like support with and get coaching from a top-tiered business or career coach. COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS opens May 3rd!


COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS is designed specifically for:

  • Anyone who has previously participated in a traditional coaching program and likes the idea of having an accountability partner as they continue to move toward their goals
  • Busy professionals who cannot commit to a designated time each week and like the flexibility of calling in as their schedule allows
  • Any professional who has previously considered hiring a coach but wasn’t sure the expense would be worth it.  COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS provides an affordable way to “try coaching out”.
  • Careerist looking for a path to faster career advancement

If you feel that you would best benefit from a traditional coaching program complete with assessments and a focused personal development plan, we request that you check out our full range of coaching programs by clicking here.


COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS will be open twice per week:

Tuesday mornings – 9:00am to 12:00pm EDT

Thursday mornings – 9:00am to 12:00pm EDT

Other days and hours will be considered as needed.

How the pilot will work:

Participants may call in to the gym on any day the gym is open for one (15 minute) laser coaching session.  Since the gym will initially be open for two(2) days a week, this means the participants may call in up to two(2) times per week! While we expect that the final model will allow for only one call per week in keeping with traditional coaching, we want to allow sufficient opportunity for exposure and developing best practices for pilot participants.

Because COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS is a completely flexible approach to coaching, the participants may call in as much or as little as they feel necessary to support their goals.

Furthermore, there is no need to ever pre-schedule a coaching call or set an appointment! Simply call in anytime during the gym’s open hours as your schedule allows and a top-tiered coach will be available to support you toward your goals!

There is NO contract to sign and no long-term obligation. Your credit card will be billed in advance each month but you may end your membership at any time with no further obligation.


  1. Pilot members (and those “waitlisted” during the sign-up period) are entitled to a reduced fee of $34.95 per month for as long as they participate in the program beyond “pilot” completion.  If there is a break in membership of sixty(60) consecutive days and you choose to come back into the program, it will be at the (then) “new member” price.
  2. As pilot members, we request regular feedback as we identify and test “best practices” for our clients.  Your feedback will be critical to the programs success so we ask for the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. To come to each call ready to play hard!  The more prepared and clear you are about what you would like support with during the call, the more valuable the call will be.
  4. Patience.  Remember this is a pilot so execution will not be perfect.

Pilot length:

We currently plan to run the formal pilot for a six-week period, however pilot participants are invited to stay in the program at the “pilot” price of $34.95 per month for as long as they choose unless they have a break in membership of sixty (60) consecutive days.

NOTE: For those who are placed on our waiting list, you will be notified as soon as either 1) a spot becomes available or 2) the pilot is expanded.  In either case, you will enjoy the same low price of $34.95 per month as our first 20 participants when spots become available! PLEASE NOTE:  Parameters of initial program are subject to change.