Coaching for the New Manager

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Creating confident, empowered and extraordinary female leaders

There is nothing so useless as doing effectively that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker

You were promoted or hired as a manager/supervisor because of your demonstrated expertise and results but if you are like most first time managers, the excitement of your new amazing opportunity may have quickly given way to a “crisis of confidence” – uncertainty and concern over the job requirements you aren’t as confident about.  Regardless of your concerns over your new responsibilities, Leadership on Speed can help.  You are definitely not alone. Know that the transition from individual contributor to team leader can be both exciting and challenging.

Whether you are new or experienced in your role, we can support you to strengthen your leadership skills and get the most from your team.

Managers and supervisors face unique challenges in today’s economic environment, often forced to accomplish more with fewer resources and little management training.  Organizations expect newly promoted and newly hired leaders to hit the ground running which often conflicts with the inner uncertainty many newly promoted leaders experience.  Hiring an experienced coach can support you to assess your leadership skills and develop a plan of action that supports you and solidifies your continued success.

This coaching program is ideal for managers and supervisors who:

  • Want to learn how to be most effective as an emerging leader.
  • Want to understand the basic expectations of any new manager or supervisor.
  • Want training in how to lead effectively and with the least disruption to the new team.
  • Are just feeling lost or uncertain about certain aspects of the new job including where to start.
  • Want to boost their visibility and prospects for further promotion.
  • Are moving to new positions, assuming greater responsibility or working on high-risk projects.
  • Are promoted into management or supervision and find they don’t enjoy it.
  • Are identified as high potential and emerging leaders who want to enhance their growth prospects.
  • Wish to strengthen the perception of their value and impact on the organization.
  • Want to define a clear game plan for advancing their new role.
  • Are not performing at their optimum level or need to improve in certain areas.
  • Would like to learn how to succeed at office politics and learn the “unwritten rules.”
  • Are experiencing stresses that may be causing performance problems.
  • Need to identify ways to deal with a difficult or obstructive manager.
  • Want to make long-term, positive behavioral changes.
  • Have personal problems that are affecting their work performance.
  • Want to get back on track after being derailed in their career.