coaching 101

The first question most coaches are asked is, "What is coaching?".  You are certainly welcome to visit my website for some detailed information but when most people think of a coach, they think sports. Right? Most definitely. In that context, a coach is a guide, a mentor, a consultant… They take their knowledge and expertise and pass it on. It is up to the athlete to incorporate that knowledge, practice and manifest on game day.  A business coach is similar and takes on a similar role as a sports coach but I ask you to also think of business coaching in the context of a stage coach. Hunh? Yep. A stage coach.  A stage coach takes you from one destination to another and THAT is the type of coaching we’re talking about here.  Believe it or not, you already possess all the gifts, skills and talent you need to manifest anything you choose in your life.  A coach supports your journey by providing tools and context for you to clarify, implement, identify what’s working and not working and move you step by step towards your goals. Coaches hold the context, clients take the action and together you move with greater speed, effectiveness, purpose and joy than you may have ever moved toward anything in life.  It isn’t a journey that everyone is ready for but it is a journey that most should take at least once in their life…what a ride!

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