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announcing coaching without borders

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
In today's post, I wanted to share with all of you my excitement over a new program we launched this week - COACHING WITHOUT BORDERS.  I was inspired to create the program after I received a referral a couple of weeks ago for a young man who had begun a company about a year ago. Like most burgeoning entrepreneurs, the first year was one of struggles and challenges and he was referred to us for coaching and leadership training. Unfortunately, he    Read More

tech tuesday

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Blackberry Unbelievable!  Not more than three months ago I said to my husband...

"I wish there was an app that would allow me to print from my crackberry."

And voila! The crackberry gods have spoken.  If you ever wished you had that kind of flexibility from your phone check out this Blackberry app from Cortado that allows you to wirelessly print e-mails, appointments, contacts, tasks and    Read More

have more fun with voicemail

Monday, March 2nd, 2009


I must admit that I'm a techno geek.  I LOVE technology and I'm especially fascinated by anything that will help me organize, manage or otherwise help me create greater efficiencies in my work day.  The amount of "stuff" out there just amazes me.

I recently came across something called YouMail.  It's a visual voicemail app (apparently similar to something available on the iPhone) that allows you to do a whole host of voice mail related fun stuff,    Read More

Don’t spend a fortune on business cards!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Vistaprint_logo You decide that it's time to start your own the captain of your own ship...put your fate in your own hands.  You decide on your product.  You spend countless hours deciding on the most brilliant and appropriate name for your company.  You invest days and weeks developing your business plan.  You get your investment capital and finally, it's time to purchase your basic marketing materials.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your business cards for the first time!  Wow! you've    Read More

Make booking your services easier!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Onlinecalendar Pretty soon coaching clients will have the ability to book consults with me online...

Most of us have experience with on-line scheduling services especially in the lab arena, right?  You go to a website, enter some basic information and then view a calendar of available appointments.  It's a great time saving tool for both the client and the office.

Now the same type of service is available to you (and me)......affordably.

There are a couple that I recommend:

Genbook has a free service but if you    Read More

personal coach – to hire or not to hire…

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Coaches_not_equal All the great players have great coaches! Andy Stanley, in the Next Generation Leader wrote, "It is impossible to maximize your potential in any area without coaching. You may be good. You may be even better than everyone else, but without outside input you will never be as good as you could be. Self-evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential." 

As a coach, I do a lot of networking in the    Read More

jibberjobber for job seekers

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I recently came across a great new tool for job seekers called JibberJobber. Jibberjobber  The tool was developed by a gentleman who unceremoniously lost his job and although well-qualified to "get a job" was struggling to find employment even while engaging in his search ten hours a day.  JibberJobber is a database management/networking tool on steroids.  Not only does it support keeping the job seeker organized, it also supports connecting you with your target companies, recruiters,  and other job seekers who might actually network you    Read More