Career Transition Coaching

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Driving unprecedented success for our clients across the globe.

The best changes often start as a single, simple thought. Think big, and discover the ways to make your dreams real.

Sometimes, the time just comes to do something different. Whether you have been in an industry for a while and you feel “called” to do something else or you are a long-time associate or senior executive who has been recently displaced, Leadership on Speed, LLC can support you to find workable solutions. Regardless of reason, a career transition can be an uncertain time and you don’t have to go it alone.

We coach people with all types of career transition issues.

This coaching program is ideal for:

  • Displaced professionals
  • Desire to change industries or careers
  • Getting burned out unsure about what’s next
  • You want to enter an industry in which you have no skills
  • Experiencing general confusion over career direction