bush on the economy

GeorgewbushI listen to quite a bit of talk radio.  It fascinates me.  This morning I happened to hear a snippet of President Bush’s comments regarding the current economy and was surprised to hear him say, "The entrepreneurial spirit is high."  What surprised me is not that he said it because it’s important that he continues to communicate a strong (or at least not poor) economy. What surprised me is that has always been my stand whether the economy is great or slow.  In point of fact, more entrepreneurs are born of bad times than good ones! Whaaaat?  In a strong economy, money appears to be more abundant and we are less likely to take a risk.  In times of belt tightening, conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that folks hunker down and play it safe, but in my experience just the opposite happens!  Let’s take a look at it:  When our wallets get tight, what happens?  We get stressed and frustrated because we aren’t living the life we want.  Not only are we not able to consume the types of goods we want but we become acutely aware of other things that may be lacking in our lives.  To add insult to injury, if we are at a job or company we dislike, we’re angry because it’s not a good time to move, right?  We feel trapped. This is where the entrepreneurial spirit comes alive.  People begin to make extra money doing some part-time venture that is fun and ultimately that becomes a full-time venture or they start to think about going back to school to learn a new trade so they can get out.  Even if your goal is only to replace your current income, your entire spirit is different because you wake up everyday doing work you love.  Where are you right now?  Are you hunkered down, tired and frustrated dreaming about the "some day" you can angrily walk into your bosses office and say, "I QUIT!" (along with a few well chosen descriptors about them and/or the company) or are you thriving, happy and fulfilled as you work on plan B so that you can joyfully walk into your bosses office, say "I quit!" and make him/her your next best and most loyal customer? 

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