Blue Chip Expert

Bluechip logo For some reason lately I’ve received several requests to join Blue Chip Expert.  I signed up in order to see if I could get more information about what it is because I wasn’t familiar with it until now.  As best I can tell from the site and some very cursory research, it’s a paying version of LinkedIn (kinda sorta). 

They are basically asking for you to join and then invite others to join your network. Folks on the site fall into one of three buckets – those looking for work (professionals), those hiring (hiring mangers) and those who aren’t in the first two categories but know lots of people in the first two categories and they want to make money off of them (networkers). 

A few tidbits of info:

1.  It seems to target the high end job seeker

2.  The whole “invitation-only” marketing tactic adds the perception of joining an exclusive club (and hence, have access to exclusive jobs)

3. Joining is free

4.  If someone in your network gets placed, you make money.

Because I’m brand new to the concept, I can’t give you the first iota of information about the fee structure but feel free to go check it out for yourself using my invitation code (coachv1).  My guess is, it would take a ton of activity for someone to make any real money but what the heck, if you know someone looking for work, they want to get as much exposure as possible and this is just another option.

There’s a link to the site earlier in the post and in my websites list.  Once you check it out, I’d love to hear back from you and see what you think.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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