be inspired by the ny giants co-captain, greg gadson usma ’89

Alg_elimanningI’m a West Pointer and as such I receive stories from time to time about what my brethren are up to but rarely am I touched and inspired as I am by this story.  No matter who you are, you will get this but if you have ever been on a sports team it will move you all the more.  Greg’s story reminds me that we never know what tomorrow will bring or how events in our life can shift unexpectantly.  How will you choose to live?

His name is Lt. Col. Greg Gadson and he used to wear No. 98 for the Army football team and was with the Second Battalion and 32nd Field Artillery, on his way back from a memorial service for two soldiers from his brigade when he lost both his legs to a roadside bomb in Baghdad. It was the night of May 7, 2007, and Lt. Col. Gadson didn’t know it at the time because he couldn’t possibly have known, but it was the beginning of a journey that brought him to Lambeau Field Sunday night. Click here for the full story.

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