barack obama: potential in motion

In an earlier post following the Iowa caucuses, I wrote of hope.  I wrote about Barack and Huckabee rising to victory on a platform of change.  As I listened to Senator Obama’s victory speech in South Carolina, I found myself once again feeling an air of hope.  Obamawin2topper As I mentioned previously, I am not a politico.  In large part because I find the business of politics distasteful.  It has historically been a domain where idealists are either crushed or converted into something they once disdained.  Last night however, I heard a man who spoke my truth.  He spoke of transforming the system and America into the ideal – that ideal for me being the "United" States.  A place where candidates run on the issues and we, as constituents do not have to be privy to the petty bickering we witnessed last week; a place where someone outside your party can actually have a good idea and the common goal is bigger than "the party"; a place where there is hope for an ideal and the ideal is not crushed by established ideas simply because that’s the way it has always been (the killer of all dreams). 

I continue to watch this race and I see a man with a vision that people can rally around.  I see a man that galvanizes generation’s X and Y to have hope and belief that they can make a difference.  I don’t know if Barack will be the next President of the United States, but he is most definitely a catalyst and I can tell you that in young minds all across this nation, he is creating a spark of excitement, hope and change that will not only affect the political arena but every other domain of life.   

As a coach, I operate in the domain of vision, hope and belief.  Not only is Senator Obama a Presidential candidate, he is an example of potential in motion.  In his journey, he has met many who have said, "You can’t do this or that." and all along the way, he has said, "Yes, I can."   Whether you agree with his politics or not, let him be an example of possibility that no matter what your color, no matter what your age, no matter who has nay-sayed you along the way, you can go after your dreams.  Yes, you can!

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